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SimplySmarter Kids - Memory is a fun and engaging game
that can improve your memory!

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NACD (The National Association for Child Development) is proud to introduce our app to help develop sequential processing, short-term and working memory. Simply Smarter Kids - Memory is a fun and challenging games for kids and adults.

At NACD we are always working to identify needs and to find or develop the tools to address those needs. Everyone who knows of our work knows that we have been at the forefront of understanding the significance of processing (auditory and visual short term and working memory) and developing methodologies to improve it. With our new app this development just got a lot easier. 

We have tested this app with a broad range of individuals from 18-month olds to adults, and we've been delighted to see that the reaction to Simply Smarter Kids - Memory has exceeded our expectations. 

Kids immediately intuitively know how to use the app and love it. No adult is needed for the child to play with the app. Where many processing activities have often met with resistance, kids love this app and want more; adults find themselves surprisingly challenged and are motivated to do better. 

One of the exciting aspects of Simply Smarter Kids - Memory is that it is not only addressing short-term memory, but working memory as well. We are finding that scores on the app correlate with reverse digit spans, so we are now able to address working memory sooner than we ever have before. 

Interest = intensity, intensity = progress.

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